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Illinois Commerce Commission – Commissioner’s Assistant

Website Illinois Commerce Commission

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES:  The Commissioner’s Assistant aids the Chairman and Commissioner’s Office with research, analysis, and development of issues and opinions relating to the industries regulated by the Commission; conducts research projects, prepares reports and economic based studies; assists the Chairman and Commissioner’s Office in amending proposed orders, drafting dissenting and concurring opinions; provides expert advice, analysis and research on a variety of issues related to the regulation of energy, telecommunications, water, and the transportation industries; plans and conducts extensive and complex research to determine if economic and policy analyses provided by utilities, industry, and consumer advocates support a proposed action before the Commission; confers and advises the Commissioner on controversial problems of statutory interpretation and compliance; assists in materials filed in the cases before ICC, prepares case summaries, assists in developing questions, alternative orders, reviews and comments on orders, testimony, staff reports and other filings and otherwise provides policy analysis to assist the Commissioner; researches and drafts letters, memoranda, speeches, articles and legislative proposals as requested by the Chairman and Commissioner’s Office; acts as a liaison between the Chairman and Commissioner’s Office and other Advisors, ICC staff, governmental agencies, and industry parties; monitors trade and academic literature in order to keep abreast of issues and trends in utility regulation; establishes and maintains a regulatory policy research agenda for the Office of the Chairman Commissioner’s, as required or directed; and serves as representative of the Chairman and Commissioner’s Office at meetings, as required.