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Associate General Counsel

Website Illinois Education Association

100 East Edwards Street  ·  Springfield, IL  62704-1999  ·  217.321.2206  ·  Fax 217.544.0707
March 26, 2024

Chicago, Illinois


EFFECTIVE DATE: To Be Determined

HOW TO APPLY: Candidates should submit resume and application materials by using the following link: External Candidates Apply Here.

INTERVIEWS: Selected candidates will be interviewed at a location determined by the IEA-NEA.

STAFF AUTHORITY AND RELATIONSHIPS: Directly responsible to the Deputy General Counsel (as assigned), General Counsel and Executive Director.  Supervises and directs assigned associate staff.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Monitors, analyzes and argues cases before administrative agencies and courts to achieve IEA-NEA goals and objectives.


1.      Advises, monitors, argues and/or defends cases regarding members’/fair share fee payers’/Associations’ employment-related rights before school boards, courts, and administrative agencies regarding matters which may include:

A.  Discrimination, Dismissal, Contract Nonrenewal, Reductions In Force & Evaluation;

B.  Certification;

C.  Department of Children & Family Services Investigations and Proceedings;

D.  All IELRB Case Handling Activities, including Unfair Labor Practices, Impasses and Strikes, and Representation Elections; and

E.   Wage, salary and/or other employees’/members’ economic employment disputes.

2.      Analyzes and disseminates court and agency decisions to staff and leaders.

3.      Provides input to and/or assists the General Counsel for purposes of defining and developing Association goals and promoting IEA-NEA objectives before administrative agencies, and to the extent feasible coordinates these efforts with other IEA-NEA departments.

4.      Provides UniServ Directors and other IEA-NEA professional staff with resources, consultation and where necessary assists and/or participates in arbitration cases, including oral presentation of the case before an arbitrator, preparation of the Association briefs and/or evidentiary record.

5.      Assists UniServ Directors and other IEA-NEA professional staff in examining fact situations to determine whether applicable labor and/or employment laws, rules and regulations and/or members’/fair share fee payers’/Associations’ rights have been violated, including supervising the receipt, gathering and/or organization of evidence and/or witnesses by non-attorney IEA-NEA staff in litigation matters.

6.      Initiates, plans and/or conducts training programs for members, leaders and/or staff, and provides input to the General Counsel for such training.
7.      Gathers, organizes, and submits required and/or requested data to the Central Office so that IEA-NEA programs and policies can be implemented and maintained.

8.      Makes recommendations to the General Counsel for the development of the department budget and takes necessary corrective action required to operate within the approved IEA-NEA budget.

9.      Supervises associate staff, i.e., initial employment recommendation, evaluation and remediation.

10.  Demonstrates a high degree of interpersonal skills.  Interacts appropriately with staff, members, and the general public.

11.  Performs other appropriate duties as directed by assigned management staff.


–        License to practice law in the State of Illinois, or ability to obtain license as soon as possible.

–        2-3 years legal or equivalent labor relations experience preferred.

–        Previous experience in preparing and presenting cases before courts, labor boards, other administrative agencies, and grievance arbitrators preferred.

–        Knowledge of NLRA, the Illinois School Code and the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act and decisions interpreting them preferred, although working knowledge of other public employment relations acts and other school codes helpful.

–        Should have a working knowledge of school systems.

–        Previous experience in training non-lawyers on legal issues preferred.

–        Previous experience in client counseling.

–        Working knowledge of personal computers required.

–        Valid driver’s license required.

SALARY AND BENEFITS: In conformance with the IEA-NEA/IEASO Professional Staff Contract.



To apply for this job email your details to Lindsey.Spindel@ieanea.aorg