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Illinois Human Rights Commission Inaugural Annual Summit Educates and Honors Trailblazers


Congratulations to the Illinois Human Rights Commission for an amazing Inaugural Summit today! Agency Directors, Commissioner Barbara Barreno-Paschall and her colleague Commissioners, Legal Counsel, Administrative Law Judges, and staff for both the IHRC and its sister-agency, the Illinois Department of Human Rights, worked tirelessly to host an excellent forum educating on the role of each agency, changes in the law, and resources available for the legal community and the public.

The Summit was marked by an awards ceremony honoring several Trailblazers including the Honorable David Cerda (ret.), Linda D. Friedman, Camilla B. Taylor, and Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr. who have worked tirelessly for equal rights for all.

Heartfelt congratulations to Justice Cerda, and kudos to the IHRC and IDHR!

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