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National Hispanic Heritage Month Profile – Leynee A. Cruz


What service to the Latino community impassions you?

In my probate and estates practice, I work extensively with individuals and families navigating loss. For Latino families, these legal processes can be even more intimidating and difficult to traverse. It has been my privilege to assist families from all backgrounds in every aspect of probate and guardianship administration and litigation. I am also proud to be able to help on a volunteer basis with the Center for Disability & Elder Law in Chicago and other organizations where I have advised, drafted and executed estate planning documents for low-income elderly and disabled clients, many of whom have been Latinos. It has also been my honor to assist Cuban national beneficiaries working alongside attorneys in Havana, Cuba.

It is through service to others that I find fulfillment, whether as a volunteer, guardian ad lidem, or in my daily work. Any contribution that I can make to the Latino community, particularly the elderly and disabled, through my work has rewarded me beyond words. I will continue to give back to Latinos with my legal expertise and through my presidency of HLAI and beyond. I encourage you to do the same and connect with our organization in the furtherance of service to others.

Leynee A. Cruz,
President 2019/20

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