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National Hispanic Heritage Month Profile – Martha-Victoria Jimenez


What service to the Latino community impassions you?

The service to the Latino community that impassions me is mentoring young people and creating a pipeline into the legal profession so that the legal profession mirrors the community we serve. As a child of immigrant parents with little formal education, the prospect of a career in the law was daunting and became a goal I achieved only by figuring things out for myself along the way. I came to realize that most of my peers had “insider” knowledge and social capital that I lacked. Their advantage was powerful. While they may not have been smarter or more driven, their journey into the law was much easier. Once I was an attorney, in both my government and private roles, I have had the benefit of outstanding mentors and sponsors that have encouraged me and guided my steps. As a result, whenever I have the opportunity, I try to be the person I needed.

Martha-Victoria Jimenez

Supervisor at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Civil Actions Bureau

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