n 2004, HLAI established the JD Mentors Program with the goal of maximizing the number of Hispanics applying to law schools and cultivating the academic and professional success of those students. To accomplish this goal, the JD Mentors Program puts together three-person mentor groups, typically comprised of a college student, a law student and a practicing attorney, with similar career goals or interests. This three-tiered team mentoring approach is used in lieu of the traditional one-on-one mentor relationship because it allows each of the participants at different stages in their careers to add a unique and helpful component to the overall mentor-mentee relationship. It is important to note that the “JD” in “JD Mentors,” not only stands for “Juris Doctor,” but is also an acronym for “juntos destacando,” which in Spanish means “advancing together.” Consequently, the name “JD Mentors” embodies the purpose and spirit of the program of “mentors helping each other to succeed.” While each of the mentor groups are encouraged to get to know each other on an informal basis, HLAI also schedules periodic events that allow mentors and mentees to further cultivate their group relationships as well as meet other program participants.

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