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  1. Judicial Candidates and Electoral Issues

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    December 19, 2016
    by Juan Morado Jr.

    MAR 07, 2016 With the Illinois March 15 primary election around the corner, The Latino Policy Forum launched a blog series to guide you in making an informed vote.
    This first question is what judicial positions are on the ballot this year? This year there are no open seats at Illinois’s highest court level, the Supreme Court. There are open seats in the other levels within our court system. Continue Reading

  2. The Affordable Care Act – What Next?

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    06 Dec 2016
    Written by Steve Flores

    Now that the election is over, it is widely expected that one of the first orders of business for the President-elect will be to significantly modify, replace, or eliminate many Affordable Care Act (the “ACA”) provisions and/or corresponding regulations. Continue Reading


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    December 7, 2016
    By: Martin Quintana, Quintana Law Group Founder and Managing Partner

    As the holidays approach, we find ourselves surrounded with cheer and joy…and also a lot of alcohol. There is one DUI arrest for every 137 licensed drivers in the United States. Chances are most of us know someone that has had a DUI, and the number of DUI’s tend to increase around the holiday season. Continue Reading

  4. A Chicago Latina’s Journey to Our Southern Border

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    SEP 23, 2016
    By Virginia Martinez, Attorney, Volunteer and Longtime Supporter of the Latino Policy Forum

    I recently volunteered with the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project at the South Texas Family Residential Center (STFRC) in Dilley, Texas. CARA provides much needed services and representation to women, and their children, who are seeking asylum in the United States. CARA volunteers serve weeklong commitments to provide services to those being detained and awaiting their first interview with an asylum officer. Continue Reading